Book Review: The Witch Hunter

Written by Virginia Boecker

The Witch Hunter is a fantastical story about black magic, pirates, warriors, witches, and—you guessed it—witch hunters. The novel’s protagonist, Elizabeth Grey, is a gifted witch hunter. This unique occupation requires her to arrest people who use magic and hand them over to the authorities to be imprisoned or executed.

Like all other witch hunters in the story, Elizabeth has been branded with a stigma that enables her to heal instantly from any wounds she receives. Following the orders of the ruthless Lord Blackwell, Elizabeth carries out her job quickly, efficiently, and without hesitation. That is, until she is accused of being a witch herself. Will Elizabeth continue to carry out orders, even if it means putting her own life at stake? Or will she forgo her once stringent principles to save herself? Read The Witch Hunter to find out.

Full of action, mystery, romance, and supernatural elements, The Witch Hunter balances dark, dramatic themes with lighter, comedic moments. If you are a teen or young adult who enjoy books like Graceling, Game of Thrones, and The Girl of Midnight, then you would definitely like this fantasy, too.