Book Review: The River

Written by Gary Paulsen

The River is the sequel to one of Gary Paulsen's most popular books: Hatchet . Hatchet is centered on the experiences of Brian, the thirteen-year old protagonist, surviving in the wilderness with only a hatchet for almost two months. The River follows the story of Brian two years later; U.S. government researchers want Brian to replicate his Northwoods survival tactics so that they can be observed and taught to others.

Derek, a young psychologist, and Brian are abandoned near a Canadian lake, armed only with knives and a radio that Derek has sworn to only use in an emergency. Everything is going swimmingly until their camp is struck by lightning, destroying the radio and leaving Brian confused in the middle of wilderness. The book carries on with Brian’s struggle and journey to find a solution and civilization.

Gary Paulsen describes Brian’s adventure in a creative and fun way. This is a novel that will make the reader sit on edge waiting to flip to the next page. This book is very intense and is an epic novel. If you enjoy books packed with adventure and action, I would definitely recommend reading The River by Gary Paulsen.

This is a great book review! – Mariama Bah , La Follette High School (2021-09-08 14:31)
Ethan, this was a fantastic book review it was straight to the point and summed it up very well. I Will be giving this book a read. Thank you, keep up the great work. – Brandon Alvarez , Madison College (2021-09-08 14:57)