My Favorite Library: The Newly Renovated Central Public Library Wows Patrons

With Its Focus on Community, Technology and Environmental Sustainability

by Sylvan Bachhuber, age 14

Recently, I along with two fellow Simpson Street Free Press reporters, got an excusive tour of the newly renovated Madison Central Public Library. With all its incorporation of new resources and creative influences, it has become my new favorite library.

The library was designed with the intention of becoming a prominent community hub. It is equipped with a variety of private rooms to suit the needs and interests of its patrons. It has also teamed up with local talent, with displays by local artists and community programming that local entrepreneurs teach their trade to the public. The library café will be run by Chocolaterian, a local dessert shop. An art gallery located on the third floor, will feature new exhibits periodically. I really enjoyed the feeling community the library evokes. It is defiantly a valuable way to give back to the city.

Not only is the library a community hub, but it was designed with environmental considerations in mind. To minimize electrical lighting, builders put in more windows and installed solar panels, to keep the power usage to a minimum. The amount of natural light in the building has gone up to 30 percent since its renovation. The floors were remade out of recycled tires. Builders exposed the original waffle ceiling, claiming its concrete will only become more durable with time. On top of it all, plants on the roof will filter rainwater and help to improve the efficiency of their heating system.

With over 100 computers, countless iPads and flat screen TV’s, the new library is much more technologically advanced. Now students and community members can use an assortment of electronic devices to accomplish almost any task. Among these technological resources is my personal favorite: the media room. This room contains a green screen, filming equipment, video game programing tools and classes on how to use these devices. I am really excited to use these tools for school assignments and other creative projects, but I am even more excited to learn about film and design.

There are many features the new Central Library has that make it my new favorite library. I hope that others utilize the amazing new resources offered in the library. I have no doubt that after visiting, people will adopt the new central Library as their favorite library too.

Sylvan, I love your article and I am proud of you. The article also makes me want to visit the newly remodeled library – Therese Weakland , Muncie, IN (2014-03-14 22:36)