AVID/TOPS Partnership Show Results

by Taylor Kilgore age, 17          

      Advancement via Individual Determination program, commonly known as AVID recently earned recognition at Madison East High School. The high school has been chosen as a National AVID Demonstration School. The program is used by 4,000 schools in 15 countries, however only the top 2 percent of these schools are designated as demonstration schools.
     “It is a tremendous honor to be selected as a demonstration school,” East High School Principal Mary Kelly said. “Our mission is to close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college and career, and AVID/TOPS has been critical in helping us move forward.”       This college readiness program provides an intense course focused on study skills, organizational strategies, tutorial support, and college preparation. AVID partners with the Boys & Girls Club of Dance County TOPS, or Teens of Promise, tutoring and mentor program. TOPS is the only AVID partnership of its kind.
     According to the Wisconsin Center for the Advancement of Postsecondary Education, students in the AVID/TOPS program in the Madison School District are earning higher GPAs, enrolling in more advanced placement classes, and scoring higher on tests.
     “Not only is East High’s AVID/TOPS program making a difference for our students, but it is also a national model for success,” says Madison schools Superintendent Jennifer Cheatham.

[Sources: Madison Metropolitan School District Press Release; Wisconsin State Journal]