Adult Teeth Force Baby Teeth to Fall Out

Have you ever wondered how baby teeth fall out? It is a normal, natural, and interesting process.

When people are young, they have smaller mouths, and thus smaller teeth. As their mouths grow, they start to require bigger teeth. Therefore, they grow adult teeth which eat at the root of the baby teeth. The baby teeth then become loose and are pushed out by the adult teeth.

It can take about six months for the entire root of a baby tooth to break down gradually. These particles then enter the bloodstream and the adult tooth to take its place. At that point, the only thing holding the baby tooth in place is the gum tissue around it, which may cause light bleeding when the tooth is pulled out.

If someone loses an adult tooth, the only thing that can be done is a placement of an implant provided by a dentist. Some people have congenital issues—non-genetic characteristics that exist from birth—which keep adult teeth from growing. This forces them to either keep their baby teeth permanently or receive implants.

Most of us have or will experience the loss of all our baby teeth. Even though it may be a little painful, it is still a fascinating process.

[Source: Wisconsin State Journal]

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