Some Useful Advice from Our Newest Columnist

by Alex Lee, age 14

   My name is Alex Lee and I am a freshman at West High School. I am thrilled to takeover the role of Fresh Face columnist following Max Lien, who is now a sophomore.
   For me, starting high school was a little scary at first. I faced new challenges; met new students and teachers, spent more time on homework, and even met a few bullies. After the first month, I started to feel more comfortable around my classmates, the school building, and the homework load.
   Since that time, I have learned many tricks to keep myself focused and help me with schoolwork. Here are just a few. I hope they will help you too:

  1. Use an assignment notebook: This is essential to keep track of your schedule and assignments. It aids with organization so that you know what your homework is for each day. This is a much better technique than trying to remember all of your assignments off the top of your head. Staying on top of things is a very good feeling and it gives you confidence.
  2. Try to connect with all of your teachers: It is important to have strong relationships with your teachers. Teachers can help if you have problems with class material, and can sometimes become good mentors as well. Set up meetings with your teachers to discuss any struggles you’re having in class. Do this away from the distractions in the classroom. Remember, teachers are there to help you, not embarrass you. Think of your teachers as a useful resource.
  3. Get to each of your classes on time: Teachers do not like it when students arrive late to class. It disrupts the learning of others. Also you may miss out on important information that might be on a quiz or test in the future. Look for the fastest route to your classes; it will save you the time of going through unnecessary hallways or stairs. Also avoid talking to your friends in the hallways. It is nice to spend some time with friends, but getting to class on time is more important.

   These tactics really help me in high school, especially right now when everything is so new. I have learned that I can have fun while studying in school. Also I have met many new friends and enjoy all of my classes. You have choices in high school. You can make it an enjoyable place, or you can make it harder than what it needs to be.
   I look forward to writing this column during my Freshman year. They say the four years of high school go by really fast. Right now it doesn’t seem that way. But I plan to make the most of it because I want to be prepared for college. I’ll try to offer som useful advice to readers along the way.

I am a freshman at James Madison Memorial High School and your tips really helped me! Thank you! – PallavMadison (2012-11-20 17:03)