Some Last Minute Advice From Our Outgoing Fresh Face

by Andrew Liu, age 15

I am now a sophomore. I have enjoyed writing this column, but now it is time to pass it off to a new writer. I’ll get to that in a minute.

First I want to offer some advice to incoming freshman, based on what I have learned during my first year of high school.

Starting off the school year with good grades is extremely important. Many students make the mistake of slacking off in the beginning of the year. But this just makes for more pressure later on. Get to know your new teachers from the start and don’t be afraid to ask them questions. Stay attentive during class, teachers notice that. Get your homework in on time, teachers notice that, too.

In addition to studying, it is important to spend some time outside and exercise. It’s important to study, but striking a good balance is healthy.

If you’re participating in a sport or training for one, you should be fine. If not, try to get some exercise every day. Just getting out in the fresh air can work wonders on stress. Studies have shown a positive correlation between a good exercise routine and better grades.

Sophomore year is unfolding nicely for me. I enjoyed my first year of high school and I am excited about the challenges of sophomore year. During my time as the Fresh Face columnist, I have discussed topics like adapting to teachers, organization skills, developing good time management skills, avoiding too much multi-tasking, and studying during summer.

I hope this advice has helped you. I appreciate all the positive feedback from readers. Now it is time for me to pass the column on to a new student.

Max Lien will be the new Simpson Street Free Press Fresh Face columnist.Max Lien is a freshman at La Follette High School this year. He has worked at the Free Press for two years. Max is a terrific writer. He is anxious to express his ideas with our readers. Thank you, and good luck in school everyone.