That’s A Good Word: Perseverate

I was recently accepted to “Conserve School,” an environmentally focused semester-long boarding school in Land O’ Lakes, Wisconsin. The application process was relatively easy compared to the hard part: waiting for an answer from the school. I paced around my house. I obsessively checked my e-mail. I complained to my friends and family about the stress of not knowing. To describe my waiting process in one word, I perseverated.

Perseverate means “to repeat insistently or redundantly.” It is often used to describe an obsession over thoughts and ideas or repetitive actions. Its cadence and compilation of sounds seem to embody its meaning perfectly, and if used correctly, the word can add interest and depth to any conservation.

I vividly remember the first time I heard the word. It was a breezy summer day and a friend was describing a psychological phenomena. He casually uttered, “perseverate,”and I knew I had to learn about that beautiful word. Since that day, my gravitation towards it has poetically paralleled the definition itself. There are moments when it perfectly articulates emotions, and I encourage others to integrate this word into their vocabulary, too.

[Source: Websters Dictionary]