Ground Water Pollution Causes Concern in China

by Jovaughn Lane, age 15

In China, about 60 percent of underground water is polluted, which emphasizes China’s environmental distress.

China’s land and resource ministry identified 4,778 testing areas in 203 cities, of those 44 percent had “pretty bad” underground water quality and the groundwater in another 15.7 percent tested very badly. The water quality did improve gradually in 13 percent of spots, but also got worse in 15 percent of spots.

“According to China’s underground water standards, water of relatively poor quality can only be used for drinking water after proper treatment. Water of very poor quality cannot be used as a source of drinking water,” said an article in the official newswire, Xinhua.

The Chinese government is only now beginning to take action against the country’s toxic environment. Information on air quality has become more available in the past year, but information on other pollution such as water and soil remains hard to find.

Xinhua had reported last year that about a third of China’s water resources are groundwater-based and only 3 percent of the country’s urban groundwater was deemed as “clean”.

“The situation is quite serious – groundwater is an important source for water use, including drinking water, and if it gets contaminated, it’s very costly and difficult to clean,” said Ma Jun, director of the Beijing-based Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs.

Very few Chinese people consider tap water safe to consume. Most people usually boil their water or buy it bottled, and for a good reason. Recently, a chemical spill poisoned the water supply of Lanzhou with benzene, a carcinogen, causing a big run on bottled drinks.

In previous weeks, China’s state media reported plans for a seaside plant to provide tap water by 2019. The Beijing Enterprise Water Group will spend 7 billion Yuan, which is $1.1 billion in US dollars, to build the plant.

The worsening quality of the water in China will have far-ranging health effects for its people. Only recently has the Chinese government taken serious action.


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