Organic Farming: Food Without Artificial Pesticides

Did you know that most sweets that you eat are probably not organic? Organic foods are naturally grown without chemicals. Organic farming has a lot of benefits, from helping the soil to even helping our health. There are several types of organic farming.

One type is biological pest control. In this type of organic farming instead of using harmful chemical pest controls, farmers use a method where they burn garden waste and put it over the plants. Another type is soil management, this is when farmers rotate plants around to give nutrients and nitrogen to the soil. Using animal manure instead of chemical fertilizers is a third type of organic farming. This helps prevent higher carbon emissions and nitrate pollution. These methods are all helpful for humans and the environment.

Organic farming isn’t all about fruits and vegetables, it also impacts the meat people eat. Organic meat means the animal was fed organic plants. With the environment being heavily polluted and global warming melting the ice in the arctic, eating organic foods is a way to make a difference.

[Source: Science for Kids]