Lions and Tigers and Leopards, Oh My!

The Biggest of the Big Cats

by Britany Ugalde, age 11

Big cats are very interesting. There are many different types of big cats.

Many of these big cats have a lot in common. For instance, all big cats are carnivores, which mean they are meat eaters. They usually get their food by hunting. They all have very good eye sight and excellent balance.

There are some big cats that look very similar but are very different. For example, the leopard and the jaguar look similar, but they have many differences.

The first difference is where they live. The leopard lives in Africa and Southern Asia, while the jaguar lives in the Americas: southern USA, Central and South America. Another difference is their habitat. Leopards habitats include high hills, deserts, and rainforests. They sometimes live near towns and villages. Jaguar habitats, however, are usually thick forests with swamps, lakes, and rivers. Their bodies are also different. The leopard weighs about 130-155 pounds while the jaguar weights about 220 lbs.

Many people think that big cats are fascinating, and they certainly are. They are beautiful and fast. They are skilled hunters. There are many types of cats. They are part of what makes nature interesting.

[Source: The Kingfisher Children's Encyclopedia]

I learned a lot from this article. It was really interesting to read about the many differences between leopards and jaguars. – Rebekah SMcFarland HS (2014-06-19 17:53)