Fantastic Flamingos

by PaDa Thao, age 10

Although all flamingos have long legs and pink feathers, there are actually six different species of flamingos that are all different sizes.

Flamingos live in warm climates. They inhabit in the shallow waters around lakes and lagoons. They love to make nests in muddy areas. Flamingos like to eat tiny shrimp, insects and algae.

Flamingos typically eat tiny shrimp, insects and algae. Many of these foods contain pigments that give flamingos their bright pink color.

Two flamingo parents lay one egg at a time. They both take care of the chick. The flamingo parents make a milk-like substance in their throat. They feed this liquid to the chick. In three months the baby flamingo’s beak starts to curve down. It can now scoop up its own meals, so the parents stop feeding it.

A lot of chicks gather in large groups, called crèches, where the adults can easily take care of them. One crèche can include thousands of chicks. These groups provide them with safety until they are old enough to fly.

Despite flamingos strange and beautiful appearance, they are one of the most unique birds on the planet.

[Source: Simpson Street Free Press]
I think flamingos are so pretty. I didn't know that they make nests and eat shrimp. Or that there are 6 different species of them! – Je'NiyaSimpson Street Free Press (2014-06-10 17:44)