Fearsome Predators: North American Hawks

by Tommie Evans

In North America there are many different birds of prey. The Northern Harrier hawk and the Red- Shoulder hawk are known for their fierceness.

The Harrier Hawks is one of the most common hawks in North America. The Harrier Hawk is also known as the Marsh Hawk because it lives near wetlands and open fields. The male hawk is light grey and slightly smaller than the female, who has brown coloration. Unlike most species of hawks, the Harrier nests on the ground. Both the male and female help feed the chick.

The Harrier Hawk hunts by flying over one patch of ground until it spots its prey. Then it drops down and snatches the animal with its talons. The Harrier Hawk’s diet includes small birds, rodents, frogs and reptiles.

The Red-shouldered Hawk is less common. It lives in woodland areas near water and is typically found in Florida and California. This hawk is usually one foot tall and has a wingspan of three feet. It has black and white bands on its tail and wings, and it gets its name from its red shoulder patch.

The Red-shouldered Hawk builds its nest in tall trees and reuses the nest every year. It defends its territory by circling high in the sky. This long legged hawk eats small birds, small mammals, frogs and crayfish.

Even though these hawks are known for being fierce predators, they are also gentle with their mates and offspring.

[Source: Simpson Street Free Press]

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