Preserving the Red Panda Species

by Patricia Fenne Garcia age, 11

The adorable red pandas are endangered. Unlike the black and white giant pandas, red pandas look more like raccoons. These fascinating animals weigh seven to fourteen pounds and are about 42 inches long.

Similar to the giant panda, red pandas also eat bamboo. Although that isn’t they only thing they eat. The red pandas diet also consists of berries, blossoms, bird eggs, various plants and small leaves.

Just like the giant pandas, red pandas are becoming endangered. Their habitat is being threatened and shrinking because agriculture is spreading. But the Sydney Taronga Zoo in Australia is helping the red pandas. This zoo is encouraging captive red pandas to have babies. The breeding program started in 1977. An example of this effort was the birth of Pemba, a red panda cub, a few years ago at the zoo. This is a one way to increase the population of these adorable furry faces.

[Source: The Simpson Street Free Press Archives]

Very good article. Never knew anything about this Panda. Keep up the good work – Daniel JSennett MS (2014-06-19 18:13)
They are such adorable creatures. It's important that efforts are made to protect these animals. I'm glad to hear that there are programs working to make sure the red panda population is healthy. – MelodyLaFollette HS (2014-07-08 15:53)