Symbiotic Sea Anemones Serve and Defend

Surprisingly, not all living things that look like plants are plants. Sea anemones, for example, look like plants but are actually animals.

Unlike humans, sea anemones do not have a developed brain. In contrast, they have a few nerves that control their gliding movements through the ocean.

Another of the sea anemone’s unusual traits is it’s stinging tentacles. Creating a symbiotic relationship, or a relationship between two or more living beings who benefit one another, sea anemones use their tentacles to protect both themselves and small animals like crabs and fish.

However, sea anemones can accidentally sting the creatures they are protecting, even though some of these creatures have their shells or coats of mucus. In return, these creatures allow sea anemones to eat their leftover food.

Though sea anemones may not have brains, they show incredible intelligence by protecting themselves and their friends.

[Source: SSFP Archives]

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