Book Review: Where the Mountain Meets the Moon

Written by Grace Lin

reviewed by Jeani Carruthers, age 10

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon is a book written by the award-winning author, Grace Lin.

This book is about a girl named Minli who lives in a village by Fruitless Mountain. It is called Fruitless Mountain because nothing can grow on it.

Minli loves the many stories her father tells her, but she is so curious that she lets the stories get to her. Minli wants to change her family’s fortune. She thinks that if she visits the Old Man in the Moon from her father’s story, she can accomplish her goal.

One day Minli meets a mysterious old man who is selling goldfish in the village and decides to buy a fish with one of her only coins. Her parents are angry and think that she wasted her money, but when she sets the goldfish free, she discovers it can talk!

Minli starts her adventure after the goldfish tells her to go see the Old Man in the Moon. She meets a dragon, a powerful king, and a Buffalo Boy on her mission to change her family’s fortune. Will she succeed? You’ll have to read the book to find out.

I didn’t think the book was all that fun. But I still think this would be a good book for 5th and 4th grade because it has challenging words and every story teaches a different life lesson.

Sounds like an interesting read. This book review is very well done. – Susan M. , Lafollette HS (2014-06-12 20:52)
Based on the description it sounds like it's a book targeted towards a younger crowd (Elemetary/ Early Middle School), but it sounds like over all it could be a really cool story, with a good moral in the ending. – Alexis C. , Lafollette HS (2014-06-17 17:46)
The book seems like it would be attention-keeping, with a big aspect of adventure. Jeani did a great job of summarizing the book, without giving away too much of the plot. – Melody K. , LaFollette HS (2014-06-17 17:52)
My little sister really enjoyed this book too! Great article! – Helen , Memorial HS (2014-06-17 18:14)
I really enjoyed how well the author summarized the book. I think it was a great idea to end the summary with a question because it really peeks peoples interests and makes them want to read it. – Rebekah S. , McFarland HS (2014-06-17 18:20)
This book was really good I liked it. – Sonam Tibet , Equestria (2015-11-23 11:05)