Khurs: The Horse’s Resourceful Cousin

By Patricia Fenne Garcia, age 10

Khurs are part horse and part donkey. They might not look it, but khurs have to be very tough to survive in their desert habitat.

Khurs live in the remote deserts of India, where they deal with unfavorable climate conditions. They put up with summer monsoons. This means their desert home becomes flooded with water. Their habitat is also full of pests. Rolling around in the sand helps them relieve the pain of insect bites.

Khurs live on a diet of grasses and other plants. Since desert plants do not have a lot of nutrients, khurs need to eat a lot to get the energy they need. Khurs can also go days without water.

Male and female khurs have different names. A female khur is called a mare and a male khur is called a stallion. When a stallion comes running, the mare usually runs away. Eventually, however, this pair will probably mate. Around monsoon season, the mare will give birth to one baby khur, called a foal.

Khurs are resourceful animals. They survive life in a harsh climate and can still run up to 25 miles an hour.

[Source: Simpson Street Free Press ]

Wow, I never knew that. Very informative article! Good job!! – Jovaughn Lane , Madison, WI (2014-05-31 11:50)
Great article! That is a very unique animal! – Cecilia Gonzales , Verona, WI (2014-06-11 19:22)