Examining an Endangered Species: Giant Pandas

by Ajah Dye, age, 10

Giant pandas are endangered animals.

This species has to eat for at least eight hours and sleep for at least four hours every day. Primarily, pandas eat bamboo. This plant, however, is poor in nutrients. Because pandas do not digest very well, they must eat continuously in order to receive proper nutrients. Thus, they must eat nearly all day.

Giant pandas inhabit Asia. Specifically, a large portion of this species lives in the mountains of Sichaun in Southwest China. In recent years, many natural preserves have been established in order to protect this rare species, but the panda is still threatened by poaching and deforestation.

You can read more about giant pandas in the library or on the internet.

[Source: Wildlife Explorer]

Love this article. Hope the Pandas can make it. – Daniel JSennett MS (2014-06-19 18:09)