How Species Develop, Flourish, and Die

Did you know that scientists estimate there are 8.7 million known species? Surprisingly, only 1.8 million of these are named and described.

We have so many species today because of evolution. Evolution is a long process where species change over time. Oftentimes, these changes are to help the animal survive. Once an animal has changed over a long period of time, it can become different enough to be considered a new species.

In many habitats when there are two of the same type of animals, the one who hunts better survives. This idea of “survival of the fittest” is called natural selection.

Extinction is when a species no longer exists. Scientists believe around 99 percent of species have gone extinct due to natural events. Now, the main reason for extinction is us humans. Many times we do not know when a species has died off.

Although many species have gone extinct, there are always new discoveries. While humans have discovered most places and species on land, they have not fully explored the oceans. Many believe there are about a million undiscovered species underwater.

[Source: Life As We Know It]