How Does Water Move?

Exploring the Water Cycle

Water covers most of the Earth. All of us have seen water in forms like rain, snow, or just in bodies of water. Water travels from place to place like from rivers and lakes to oceans. But how does it move? Does the wind blow it? Or do sea creatures push it? Either way, water is constantly moving—even when people are asleep.

Water does not just move on its own. It also moves by air, in a process known as “the water cycle.” This cycle starts in a body of water, where water eventually evaporates into the air because of heat. When in the air as evaporation, water condenses and forms a cloud. When the cloud can no longer hold any more water, it precipitates. Precipitation is the product of the condensation in the atmosphere that falls as rain, snow, or hail.

Water is very, very important. Without it, humans and other living things would not survive!

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