Credit Union to Open Branch at Memorial High School

by Ali Khan, age 15

    After a successful year at LaFollette High School, Summit Credit Union will open another school-based facility. This credit union will be at Memorial High School. Among its purposes will be to safely deposit lunch money and salary from after-school jobs.
    The success of the credit union is not necessarily money, but financial education. “ It’s been an awesome thing for our kids,” says Daren Graham, a LaFollette business and marketing teacher.
     “Teenagers growing into young adults are getting ready to buy their first car, saving for college, renting an apartment and applying for credit and debit cards,” says Graham.
    Two Memorial students will help operate the new credit union. Giving responsibilities to high schoolers that want to gain experience in accounting, with Summit’s supervision, is part of the plan. The new credit union will open at the school in January.
    “We’re very excited about getting it here,” according to Assistant Principal Matt Hendrickson at Memorial. He and other school officials hope the project will help students “build financial responsibility and learn financial life skills.”

[Source: Wisconsin State Journal]

This is a great idea! Makes me wonder why more schools haven't done this. Good article! – BenMadison (2014-05-03 11:27)