Komodo Dragons Top Reptile Scales

Did you know that the largest and heaviest reptile is the Komodo dragon? The only place you can find this wild beast is on Indonesia's Lesser Sunda Islands.

The Komodo dragon has a head shaped like a rattlesnake’s head and its legs are wide apart. Its yellow split tongue flicks in and out like a snakes. The Komodo dragon also has sharp claws like a bear, a lumpy back, and a body covered in tough scales.

Komodo dragons can hide easily in their environment of bushes and tall grass. Here, they wait for their prey. The dragons ambush their prey by using their strong legs and sharp claws. After attacking, they wound their prey by biting it with their shark-like teeth. If the victim does not die immediately, the Komodo dragon’s secret weapon is the poison that comes from its saliva. Sometimes it takes a whole day before its prey is dead. The Komodo dragon follows its prey around until it dies and then devours it. Komodo dragons will eat whatever they see, even dead animals such as little Komodo dragons, water buffalo, pigs, deer, and sometimes even humans.

The female Komodo dragon lays about 30 eggs at a time. Komodo dragon breeding season is between May and August, and the dragons lay eggs in September. The babies are greenish, with yellow and black bands. When they grow older, they are solid grey to reddish-brown.

If you go looking for Komodo dragons, you will see that they are rude and evil to humans. Do not try to find this animal!

[Source: nationalgeographic.com]

Excellent work, Kelly! The Komodo dragon sure sounds like a scary critter--thanks for the heads up! – MckennaMadison, WI (2016-12-13 19:31)