Madagascar’s Diverse Climates Rival its Many Native Species

The fourth largest island in the world Madagascar has many different climates.

Madagascar’s rainy season lasts from December to March. During this time, eastern and northern areas of the country experience many tropical storms from the cyclone season. But in its central areas, the island remains a lot dryer and cooler with temperatures about 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Southern and western coasts are the driest parts of this land.

Many different animals inhabit Madagascar's diverse climates including chameleons, frogs, and insects. Even though some chameleon species live in other areas of the world, the majority live in Madagascar. Most of Madagascar’s chameleons species in live in rainforests, but some also inhabit deserts and grasslands. Madagascar is also home to about 300 different species of frogs. Most of them are native to the island. The frog’s species. Include colorful frogs, most of which are native to the island. These species include golden frogs and mantidactylus frogs.

Adding to Madagascar’s rich biodiversity are millions of insects and spiders, including For example they have species of spiders, butterflies, moths, and praying mantes. Many of these animals face threats, especially in the rainforest from predators such as humans who hunt and destroy these habitats.

Madagascar is a wonderful natural habitat to many animals. Hopefully, it stays this way.