Scandinavia: A Northern European Paradise

Scandinavia is a beautiful region located in northern Europe. Scandinavian countries include Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland. Many people consider Scandinavia an ideal place to live.

Scandinavia has a low population, which in turn results in a low level of unemployment. Through high taxation, Scandinavian countries are able to provide excellent childcare, schools, and universities to their populations.

Countries in Scandinavia are also known for getting energy effectively, with little damage to the environment. The most common energy source in Denmark is the windmill. Windmills use wind to move propellers, which generates electricity for large regions. In contrast, Iceland, which neighbors Scandinavia, captures geothermal and hydroelectric power.

Scandinavia is full of pine, birch, and spruce forests. To ensure these forests are not destroyed by the timber industry, strict legislation regulates logging, and mandates new trees be plated to replace felled trees.

This network of nations is also known for its unique sunlight patterns. In Scandinavia, the midnight sun occurs in the middle of summer. At this time, the sun never sets so there are 24 hours of sunlight each day. The opposite happens in midwinter, when the sun hardly rises.

Overall, Scandinavia is full of resources and provides a high standard of living. The northern-west region of Europe, this land offers a plethora of unique features to those who live there.

[Source: Google Encyclopedia]

Very nice work, Luis! I've never been to Scandinavia, but all of the info you provide in your article makes it tempting. Keep up the awesome work! – Mckenna KohlenbergUW Law School (2017-07-10 12:49)