Many Species Inhabit the Earth's Oceans

The ocean is home to many different animals from big to small.

Leafy sea dragons, one aquatic species, are fish that look a lot like seaweed. They are not strong swimmers, which is why they float with the current of the ocean. They are found in shallow coastal waters around Australia and feed on sea lice and other tiny creatures. They can also lay up to 250 eggs at a time.

Another creature always found in water, the blue whale, inhabits the Pacific Ocean and it is even bigger than a standard dinosaur. It would take about 70 people holding hands to make a ring around this whale from head to tail. Even though the blue whale is big, it eats small creatures called krill.

Marine Iguanas are reptiles, but they are really good swimmers who live in the ocean, too. They eat algae that grows on rocks. Marine Iguanas can grow to be as big as a human baby’s crib.

The orca, or killer whale, is one of the largest dolphins and aquatic species overall. A baby orca knows how to swim as soon as it is born. Orcas live their whole lives underwater, except when they need to get air. Orcas have blubber, or a thick layer of fat, which helps the orca stay warm in cold temperatures.

Clearly, a variety of creatures live in the sea. Each of these animals is unique and interesting in its own way.

[Source: First Big Book of the Ocean]