The Danger Behind Volcanoes

A volcano is an opening in the surface of the Earth. Gas and hot smoke, along with magma and ash, can come out of its opening.

Volcanoes are often found where tectonic plates meet. Lava is what you associate with a volcano but it only becomes lava when it comes out. When it’s inside the volcano, it is called magma. Volcanoes can kill you with their smoke if you breathe it in, and they can also kill you when it erupts because of its extreme heat.

A volcano can be classified as active or dormant. If a volcano is active it means that it regularly erupts. Dormant means that the volcano hasn’t erupted in a long time, and if it is extinct, it means that it may never erupt again.

Something interesting about volcanoes is that they are not only found on land; some are underwater in the ocean and in the ice under caps. Volcanoes are very interesting mountains on Earth. There is still so much to learn about them, but don't get too close because they are deadly.

[Source: National Geographic Kids]