Does Television Make You Fat?

by Divya Iyer, age 10

    A recent study found a connection between kids watching TV and eating junk food.
    Every hour kids watch TV, they are likely to eat eight percent less fruit. They are also more likely to eat 18 percent more candy. Finally, they are 16 percent more likely to eat fast food. Scientists Leah Lipskey and Ronal Iannoti carried out the study.
    According to researchers, one of the possible reasons for this link is television commercials. Commercials usually advertise fast foods or unhealthy foods, not fruits and vegetables. When kids watch TV they are less likely to be exercising and more likely to be eating unhealthy foods.
    Scientists L. Lipskey and R. Iannotti have recommended to parents that kids should watch less television. The less time they spend watching TV, the more healthy foods they will eat. At the least, parents should try to encourage healthy snacks, like fruits or nuts.
    If you do not exercise or eat healthy foods you can get sick. Illnesses you could get are two types of diabetes, heart problems and sleeping disorders.  Overall, scientists are certain that eating healthy foods will lead to a healthier life.


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