What’s Being Done to Prevent Processed Foods from Ruling Our Lunchrooms?

by Vincent Barlow, age 10

    Nutrition experts and some lawmakers think it is time to make school lunches healthier. Less than half of the main courses that many schools cook are made from scratch. Most school lunches include processed foods, which contain excess fat, sweeteners, and salt.
    Experts say schools should serve more foods from local farms. Congress will soon take a look at how the money given to schools to purchase food is being spent.
Most school districts get $2.68 for every free lunch they serve, but this amount is not enough to cover the costs of healthier foods. In the 2010 budget, President Obama called for an extra one billion dollars for child-nutrition programs. President Obama also wants schools to offer more fresh fruits and vegetables.
    Katie Wilson, former president of the School Nutrition Association, says school lunch programs can prepare kids to being open to trying new foods. Wilson thinks the easiest way to do this is by making sure that school kitchens have the equipment needed to cook nutritious food. She encourages kids to be involved in deciding what food is served at their schools.

[Source: Time for Kids]