Trick or Treat: Sugar Consumption Found Toxic, Lethal

by Irie Jackson, age 9 

In America, sugar consumption has increased substantially since the 1970’s. The average American kid now eats more than 20 teaspoons of sugar per day. A recent study from the University of Utah indicates that high sugar intake not only has negative effects on health but also may be toxic.

To conduct this 58-week study, researches fed mice a diet containing 25% more sugar than their typical diets. The research team found that the mortality rate of these mice doubled. Furthermore, the male mice in the study became 26% less territorial and produced 25% fewer offspring compared to those not in the study.

Mice were selected for this research because they have a similar genetic structure to humans. “Since most substances that are toxic in mice are also toxic in people, it’s likely that those underlying physical problems that cause those mice to have increased mortality are at play in people,” said James Ruff, author of the study.

Findings from this study suggest, then, that sugar consumption has grave effects beyond causing heart problems and weight gain. Ultimately, sugar may prohibit normal development and even decrease life span. Cutting down on one’s sugar intake may be difficult, but making the effort to do so could make a huge difference.

[Source: Time for Kids]

Great Article Irie! Very well written! After reading this, I'm going to try and eat less sugar. – BenMadison (2014-07-29 19:42)
Great information! Thanks for sharing these facts - it's a very important topic. – AmandaMadison (2014-08-20 20:35)
Wow, that's why my mom told me to slow down my sugar intake. Thanks for the great article!! – AubriannaMadison (2014-09-04 18:39)
wow! really well done! i'm definitely eating less sugar! – JaidynMadison (2017-10-23 14:34)