Designing Our World

by Mattea Jordan, age 9

A design is an object created by a designer who aims to create things that look good and do there job well. Things like the pen you write with, the paper you right on and the machine you copy your work on are all designs along with millions of other things.

Most products are designed using the same process. The first step is to draw a sketch of the idea. Next, you find the material and make an exact drawing of the product. A designer can also use a computer to make three-dimensional models. Finally, a trial product is made and tested before manufacturing it.

Fashion designs and others have been around for a lifetime. In fact, 40,000 years ago people sewed hides together for clothing. During this time these designs were used as survival methods. As time went on, clothing designs had more of a decorative value.

Many things can factor into a good design. The most important things are how good it looks and how well it works. If a table looks good, but doesn’t stand up it might not be a good design. Designs are sometimes awarded prizes for being especially good.

Designs are always changing. They change when new technologies develop, when lifestyles change, and when tastes change. For example, in the 20th century, eating became less formal and more convenient.

Designs are very important to our world. They have been around for many centuries and will continue to be created.

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