Could Aliens Have Helped Build Ancient Structures?

Could it be possible that aliens helped us on this planet? It could be, because before humans had computers, complicated buildings weren’t so easy to build. So, some researchers believe that aliens helped ancient architects build those buildings.

Erich Von Däniken's research was mainly on the existence of aliens, but people didn’t really believe him, so all of his evidence became discredited. His first book, Chariots of the Gods, presented his theories about how aliens once visited Earth.

There is a chamber underneath the Sphinx, it’s a giant statue in Egypt. The Sphinx is close to the Pyramids of Giza. Inside the chamber, there is thought to be alien technology. Von Däniken thought that the Pyramids were built by aliens. A lot of people agree with him because the architects’ technology didn´t seem advanced enough to build complicated buildings like the Pyramids and the Sphinx in ancient times.

The Sumerians were also a sophisticated and technologically advanced society. The Sumerians invented astrology, a way of predicting the future by looking at the stars. People also think that aliens had knowledge that helped the Sumerians invent astrology because Aliens could have studied the stars better from different places in space.

It’s interesting to think that aliens might have visited Earth, helped humans build complicated buildings, and helped invent astrology. It would be fascinating to discover how aliens came to earth and taught humans these things.

[Source: Secrets of the Universe]