What Would You Wear if You Lived in the Stone Age?

Fashion Always Changes, but You Should try to Just be Yourself

by Vindia Robinson, age 11

     When you get up in the morning what do you want to wear? Would you go back 100,000 years and wear clothes from then? Or wear something that’s hot right now? Or would you mix it up?
    One hundred thousand years ago, people from the Ice Age discovered how to make clothes. They killed wooly mammoths, saber tooth tigers, and other animals for their fur and skin. They made cloaks and other things to keep warm while they hunted. They sewed pieces together by using animal fibers as thread.
    In the 1850’s, workers at clothing stores started using sewing machines, creating the modern clothing industry. These businesses soon became popular because people could buy their clothes from the store instead of making them themselves.
    Today, people are still buying their clothes from stores, but at an even higher rate. Fashion has been a priority for many consumers. People are taking their appearance more seriously these days, keeping up with many of the current trends. Many young people are wearing skinny jeans and v-necks. Others are even wearing suspenders and shorts.
    In today’s fashion, many people are mixing the “old” with the “new”. If you look around, you may notice that many young people today are wearing clothes that were popular in the 90’s. People are wearing jean jackets with almost everything. Little kids are wearing rainbow or bright patterned socks and flare jeans. Don’t be surprised if you see someone with a pair of bracelet-sized earrings in their ears. Oversized jewelry is becoming more and more trendy as well.
    People are able to create their own style that reflects who they are with their clothes. Clothes are just clothes by themselves. It’s how a person puts them together that really makes the outfit.

[Source: The King Fisher Children’s Encyclopedia]

Wow Vindia, another great story. Keep up the excellent work. – James KramerMadison (2013-04-20 22:43)