The History of the Tattoo

All around the world people tattoo their skin for many different reasons. People permanently mark their skin with names, messages, and even symbols that represent religious beliefs.

Before 1991, scientists believed Egyptians were the first humans who tattooed their bodies. However, that changed after the discovery of the iceman’s body with tattoo patterns on his hands; the body dates back to 5,200 years ago.

In Egyptian society, women had tattoos for specific reasons. We know this because there are figurines that display those marks. Egyptians used bronze implements to make those tattoos.

At first, scientists believed tattooing was only a female practice. They also thought females with tattoos were prostitutes until they discovered a burial of a high-status priestess named Amunet with tattoos.

Egyptians weren’t the only cultures with tattoos. Greeks and Romans, used tattoos to show belonging to a religious sect or owner. Native Americans also used facial tattoos

Chinese people also tattooed themselves but during the Han dynasty it seemed only criminals were tattooed. Japanese men began to adorn their bodies with tattoos in the late A.D 3rd century. If you ever want some art on your body just get a tattoo.

[Source: The Smithsonian]