Got Milk? Your School Might Not

by Rafa Pacheco, age 11

    Recently, The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) has requested that milk be removed from lunch programs in schools, saying that milk is high in sugar and too high in fat. They suggest instead of milk for calcium, kids should eat more beans, broccoli, cereal and tofu, which are all rich in calcium.
    The government thinks schools should keep milk, however, stating that every student needs at least one cup of fat-free or low-fat milk with each meal. Dr. Neal Barnard, president of PCRM, says that while milk helps to build strong bones, it may not be the best way to get calcium into your body.
    Keri Gahs, a dietician, says milk shouldn’t be taken away from students.
    While the U.S. government is considering this request, a decision is not expected for a long time.
[Source: Time for Kids]

I wonder what the decision will be in the end. Very well written, Rafa! – AnnieMadison (2013-02-28 16:59)
I was instantly drawn to the article by reading the first sentence! I love it! Also, nice title! – Nancy GardunoMadison, WI (2014-06-07 10:26)