Tightrope Walking

by Isaac Casey, 10

Thirty-three-year old Nik Wallanda recently set an amazing world record by crossing the Niagara Falls. With high winds and dangerous weather, Wallanda walked across the falls on a tightrope. He used a safety harness, a safety measure insisted upon by ABC, the television network that broadcasted Wallanda.
Wallanda said a big distraction was the 40-pound balancing pole that he used, but otherwise he described the whole process as peaceful and relaxing. The pole made his arms cramp up but Nik preserved. He wore anti-slip shoes made especially for him by his mom. Even though the weather was dangerous, Wallanda did not even flinch or slow down until near the end, when he heroically knelt and blew kisses to his fans.
The event took years to plan because Wallanda had to convince both the United States and Canadian officials to let him do it. But all of the work was worth it in the end. Nik Wallanda completed his life-long goal and achieved an amazing world record.
Wallanda’s next adventure is to cross the Grand Canyon sometime soon.
He already has permission from Grand Canyon officials, so stay tuned.

[Source: www.dogonews.com ]