Four Poems

by Vindia Robinson, age 9

My family rocks
I love my big family
Family is awesome

I love Simpson Street
It makes you want to learn more
I love my writing

Simpson Street is cool
want to learn about writing
come here next year please

S omething new
I nteresting
M eaningful work
P upils working together
S trong beginnings
O n task
N ews

S weet
T opics
R egular
E rrors
E pic top sentences
T ogether we edit

F ree subscriptions
R ight on time
E nough information
E veryday we write

P urpose of writing
R evise
E xtra detailed
S uper fun
S urprisingly awesome

I really like these poems. They are really funny, and they bring back really good memories! I am very pleased :) – Vindia , R (2014-05-01 16:20)
wow – Sammy , madison, Wi (2016-01-21 17:15)