Relax, Google Puts the Pedal to the Metal For You

Google Introduces New, Self-Driven Car

by Tyran Smith, age 11

Imagine a car that drove on its own. You could read the Simpson Street Free Press or play on a portable game system without worrying about driving. Google has created a car that can steer, stop and start on its own. This car is actually a high-tech Toyota Prius. It was created to prevent car accidents and help keep the air clean.
Currently the car is still in its testing stage in case anything goes wrong. This car is only being tested on the roads of California. So far the car has gone 140,000 miles without a human interfering. Many of the roads on which these cars have been driven are busy and challenging.  These cars are equipped with laser radar and video cameras to help them recognize other cars and avoid accidents. But the software in the car makes it aware of the speed limits, traffic patterns and road maps.
The Carbot, as it has been named, will still be under development for years to come before it will be available to the public. Google hopes that one day people will be able to surf the web and do other things while enjoying a nice ride.

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Very nice work, Tyran. Good job! – James Kramer , Madison (2013-04-08 17:20)