In a Few Years, We Can Send Humans to Mars

Have you ever given thought to the idea of humans going to Mars? We can send humans today, but astronomers say it’s not a good idea. That's because astronauts would spend too much time traveling to Mars. It will be safer once humans have a quicker trip to Mars. Even if we could build a new kind of rocket that would work with the technology we have right now, it still would not be fast enough and it would also be very expensive. So, what are scientists doing to solve this problem? With the use of new ion engines, scientists could speed up the trip to Mars. Scientists could also make the spacecraft lighter and faster by sending supplies first and then the astronauts. This idea came from the movie “The Martian”. Scientists believe that they are a few years away from the technology to make this trip possible. A trip to Mars is becoming more feasible and in several years, it will be real, not just something we see in movies.

[Source: Wisconsin State Journal ]