Big Brains Make Us Human

Do you know what’s in the brain and how it controls our whole body? There are billions of microscopic cells and other parts that make up the human brain.

A nerve is made up of pieces called neurons. A nerve has a central cell body. Threads called dendrites run off the cell body. Dendrites carry electrical signals to the cell body, while an axon carries them away to another neuron.

When you touch something really hot, a nerve sends a message to your brain, which signals how hot the object is. Motor nerves will carry a message from the brain to a muscle cell that will make your arm move when it is touching something hot. Because nerves don’t touch each other, they send an electrical signal across a tiny gap called a synapse. A synapse is about a millionth of an inch wide; it is a kind of living switch.

Your skull is made of 28 bones that protect the brain. Cerebrum comes from a Latin word that means” brain.” Many blood vessels run through our big brains. Inside our skull is a blood bath that helps cushion the brain in a soft sponge material.

It is our big and powerful brain that makes the human species unique. We can think and plan and figure things out. Your brain is big and important, so make sure you don’t harm it.

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