Mammoth Extinction Questions Answered

Is it possible that mammoths might make a comeback? Centuries ago, mammoths died due to lack of water, skilled hunters and climate change. But mammoths might be on their way back.

What, you might ask, is a mammoth? They were big furry animals that looked like elephants. Although they went extinct about 5,600 years ago, scientists think they might go through “de-extinction.”

You might be asking yourself “what’s de-extinction?” Scientists believe that happens when extinct animals make a comeback. In this case, mammoths are the lucky mammals that might be going through “de-extinction.”

Today elephants are the largest land animals. Did you know that elephants are almost the same as mammoths? These two species both have trunks and similar size and shape. The only difference is that mammoths were covered in fur and elephants just have skin. Mammoths did well in the cold weather climate of the ice age.

But is it true that “de-extinction” can actually happen? If so, this could change our world today.

[Sources: National Geographic; USA Today]

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