Mushrooms are Actually Fungus!

For a long time, scientists classified fungi and mushrooms as part of the plant kingdom. Now, however, researchers believe these organisms are more closely related to animals because their cell walls contain chitin, which is also found in insects and aquatic animals.

You might want to know that a mushroom is actually a fungus. In fact, a mushroom is only part of the fungi: these species grow deep underground. The mushroom portion of the fungus produces spores, or very small seeds that fall off mushrooms and grow into new fungus.

There are many different kinds of mushrooms including the Jack O' Lantern mushroom, which is extremely poisonous. Some mushrooms are also parasitic, which means they use another plant or animal to get nutrients. For example, this includes the mushrooms you might see living on trees in the woods.

Though some mushrooms are poisonous, others like the Morel are not. In fact, many people eat mushrooms including Morels. Some people even find mushrooms to eat in the wild, but they have to be careful to pick the right, non-toxic mushrooms.

There is much more to learn about fungi and mushrooms: anybody wanting to make a meal out of them should be careful to study all about them!

[Source: Life As We Know It]