When Ancient Reptiles Roamed the Earth

Scales of the Past

by Jessica McConnell, age 9

    More than a million years ago, there were many different types of reptiles, none of which liked to be too hot or too cold.
     A Dimetrodon was a reptile that lived many years ago. It had a big sail-like piece of skin on its back to absorb heat from the sun. It liked to sit in the sunshine then go to the shade.
     Crocodiles that lived 190 million yeas ago hated water.  Those animals were known as the Protosuchus. The Protosuchus lived on land in North America. It was able to grow three feet long and run across dry land to hunt. It had powerful jaws to kill its prey.
    A very fierce sea animal called the Mosasaurus lived about 230 million years ago. The Mosasaurus grew to 33 feet long and probably weighed almost ten tons. It could swim very fast to catch its prey.
    Many centuries ago, there lived a number of magnificent creatures including reptiles and dinosaurs. There are still plenty of reptiles that are undiscovered.

[Source: 100 Things you should know about Prehistoric Life]