The Birth of a Galaxy

The universe is made up of galaxies; the one we live in is the Milky Way. Have you ever wondered where galaxies came from or how they were formed? Most galaxies have a long and amazing histories.

Galaxies started to form 14 billion years ago. After the Big Bang, dark matter and gas filaments crossed, making ‘knots’. When the knots crossed, they made primeval galaxies. Them, the primeval galaxies crossed and formed giant elliptical galaxies.

Scientists didn't know how elliptical galaxies evolved until they used the Hubble space telescope. Astronomers looked at the Hubble deep field, near the constellation Ursa Major. Here, they noticed hundreds of primeval galaxies merging with each other to create elliptical galaxies.

Sadly, humans cannot witness the birth of a galaxy. But using the technology we have, we can look back in time to see how these amazing phenomena were formed.

[Source: Secrets of the Universe Your Guide to the Cosmos and Beyond ]