The Eerie "Frankenstein" Moon of Uranus

Imagine jumping 150 feet into the air. That's possible on Miranda, the 11th moon of Uranus. This is because Miranda's gravity is 100 times weaker than Earth's.

It takes eight years to get to Miranda, the 11th moon of Uranus’s 27 moons. The weather on Miranda is about -355 degrees Fahrenheit. It has huge canyons, craters, and a rough surface. Due to this, scientists refer to it as Frankenstein's Monster.

Miranda has the highest cliff in the solar system. It's named Verona Rupes, and it's ten miles tall. If you were to walk forward and step off the cliff, the fall would take you about eight minutes to reach the bottom and feel as if it were in slow motion.

What gives Miranda its craggy surface is the three triangular-shaped canyons called coronae. Scientists believe these were created a long time ago when Miranda had a hot core that bubbled up molten material from inside the planet.

Because of all the craters and dangerous canyons, one can see why the moon is called Frankenstein’s Monster. Despite its rocky surface and frozen puddles, Miranda is very cool. I'd love to visit it one day.

[Source: NatGeoKids]