How Do Astronauts Survive in Space?

Did you know that spacesuits protect astronauts from the dangers of space?

Space is a dangerous place for astronauts. It has rocks and dust that can damage the spacesuit and the spacecraft. Space dust can move faster than a bullet. The temperature in space can be very different. When astronauts are in view of the sun, they feel very hot and when they are in the shade, they feel very cold. There is also a lot of radiation that can hurt the astronauts. But don’t worry, astronauts have spacesuits to help protect them. The spacesuit is big and well insulated against speeding dust and harmful radiation.

Astronauts take everything to space with them. They bring food because there is nothing to eat in space. They also bring water to drink. Some foods they bring are dried noodles because it is not heavy. The suits hold air that astronauts breathe.

Spacesuits also help astronauts not float away. In space, everything floats around because there is less gravity. All objects must be tied down or they will float away. Astronauts will strap themselves down to not float around. The spacesuits do this.

As we can see, spacesuits protect the astronauts from the dangers of space. Space is dangerous, but astronauts know how to survive out there.

[Source: 100 Things You Should Know About Space ]