Just Like Josh Gibson

Written by Angela Johnson

Reviewed by Vindia Robinson, age 11

Recently, I read a book called Just Like Josh Gibson, written by Angela Johnson. It was about a little girl and her grandma, who she called ‘Grandmamma’. When Grandmamma was a little girl, she loved baseball. Her grandfather was a baseball player and he introduced her to the game.
Grandmamma always wanted to play baseball, but she couldn’t because she was a girl. Back in those times girls were not supposed to play sports with the boys. So she just sat on the side and watched the boys play imagining she was on the field playing, just like Josh Gibson.
But one day, Grandmamma got the chance she had been waiting for when the All-Stars, the baseball team her cousins played for, was short a player. Grandmamma was finally able to play baseball with the boys. When she played, she played hard. She ended up hitting the ball a mile out of the park that day. At the end of the book, Grandmamma handed a baseball to her granddaughter, as a symbol to keep the tradition of baseball alive in their family.
I recommend this book to elementary school kids because it’s such an easy read. But anyone who likes the game of baseball would enjoy it. This book is inspirational because it encourages boys and girls not to give up on their dreams no matter the obstacles they encounter.

You can learn about the great baseball player Josh Gibson here