A Quarterback Known For Super Bowl Victories

by Devon Gebert, age 10

“Are you ready for some football?” This was a common slogan heard on commercials before the start of football games. Football has had many great players step on the field, one being the famous, Joe Montana.
Joe Montana was a quarterback for the 49ers from 1989 to 2000. During his career with the 49ers, the fans, both in the stadium and on TV, have encouraged the team to keep going, especially in the super bowl.
The super bowl is the biggest football game of the year. Joe Montana helped the 49ers win the super bowl four times, and was honored in the pro football hall of fame.
He was known for coming through for his team and fans when they needed him most. In one of Joe’s famous super bowl games against the Cincinnati Bengal’s, he looked at the scoreboard and it read 13 to 16. They were losing so he said, “Okay guys,” clapping his hands as they were gathering in the huddle, “here we go.” There were three minutes left in the game. Then they snapped the ball and the stadium was rumbling: touchdown! The 49ers won the Super Bowl.
Joe Montana was a leader because he was confident in all his games and led his team to many victories.

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