Get Ready to Hop, Step, and Jump in Triple Jump

Triple jump is a very weird and fun sport, but it also has strict rules you must follow. It is also known as hop, step, and jump.

Triple jump is an event in track and field. First you run as fast as you can then you hop from a wooden board, then you step with the opposite leg you did the hop with and jump into a sand pit. The goal is to get the longest distance you can and get a high, competitive score.

If you jump with the wrong leg landing on the floor, that jump will be disallowed. You can win the game with the farthest distance and mannerly, or very good posture.

The origins of the game are unknown, but triple jump is very similar to hopscotch but without the running. Triple Jump has been part of the Olympics since 1896 and is still going on today in the Olympic Games. During those earlier games two hops were used. After the games in 1908 the rules were changed and only one hop was allowed.

The equipment used in triple jump are a runway and takeoff board, which is at least 13 meters long for the men’s category and 11 meters for the woman’s.

Triple jump is awkward, especially if it is your first time playing and watching it. But it also requires a lot of discipline and talent to master it.

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