More Hospitals are Healing With Honey

by Victor Lien, age 12

    Although it is known as a common home remedy for injuries, honey is now being used in hospitals as well. Honey is an effective treatment because it creates a constant production of the antiseptic, hydrogen peroxide, when applied to an open wound. Like in the old times, honey is being used by the medical community to heal wounds.
    Hospitals in Asia and Europe use honey in the form of infused bandages. The honey in the bandages comes primarily from the Manuka trees of New Zealand, which produce a more powerful variety of honey. Now, American and Canadian hospitals are following their lead; there are more than 100 different substances in honey that could have a healing effect.
    Since honey is currently being used more and more often because of its great healing effect, there’s a good chance it’ll “stick” around.

[Source: National Geographic]

This is very interesting, and makes me want to find out more about the healing properties of honey now! – SpenserMadison (2012-01-31 19:35)
I never thought I would find such an eevydary topic so enthralling! – TinaI never thought I would find such an eevydary topic so enthralling! (2012-02-14 22:54)