Long-Winged Bald Eagles of North America

The bald eagle has been the national bird of the United States of America since 1782. The bird symbolizes freedom and America’s rich wild life.

Bald eagles live in North America. They are born near forests and inland freshwater lakes and rivers. Bald eagles often spend much of their time sitting near the top of tall trees or near edges of water. As winter approaches in the north, they migrate south.

During migration, bald eagles travel to dry land or soar above water to hunt. When hunting over water, they glide above their prey then drop their feet forward to grab them from the water.

Unlike some species these majestic creatures reuse their nests for many years. Here, female bald eagles lay many eggs at once, which hatch within days of each other. Because female bald eagles have an advantage over males when finding food, they usually provide for their young. Females are larger and stronger than the males; thus, they are also better equipped to defend their babies and themselves than the male bald eagles are.

Bald eagles are very cool, mighty, and all-American. With wings spans measuring an astounding eight feet, these birds rule the skies.

[Source: Wildlife Explorer]